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Monero turns 10 years old 🥳

They grow up so fast 🥹.

It was good fortune that the stars aligned for the 3rd iteration of the MoneroOF meetup - the Monero meetup in the Rhein Main area (or Germany?) - to happen exactly on the day when 10 years ago the genesis block was mined.

With Bitcoin's halving just around the corner - by the time you read this, it will have already happened - it is also worthwhile to take a second to appreciate Monero (since Monero doesn't have halving events, we got to take the celebration days we can get! 😉).

@schmidt1024: talk: A circular economy with Monero w/

For the first time, the meetup featured a guest speaker. Alexander Schmidt first introduced the audience to the principles of Austrian economics, such as the subjective theory of value. This he followed up by explaining the key features of Monero and contrasting them to fiat cash, digital fiat and Bitcoin. He concluded on tools for merchants, such as BTCPayServer for receiving transactions in Monero; for consumers, such as the e-commerce store ShopInBit; and users in general, such as the listing-site

Unfortunately, the recording crashed twice, so this time there is no video for you to watch. But you can check out the slides here.

@hundehausen: workshop: Hosting a Monero node

After the talk by @schmidt1024, @hundehausen demonstrated how to host a Monero node and what tools and frameworks come in handy (for instance, docker or startos ).

I had the chance to sit in for a little of the workshop and once again marveled at Monero Suite - which @hundehausen made himself! Its a super easy UI to help you create the docker-compose file for your Monero node. Just click to add Tor, P2Pool mining and so much more.

The Monero Wall

The office of Sensory-Minds was once again the perfect location for the meetup. This time the monitors, which had been there all along, but were left black the last two times, were turned on. In preparation to the meetup, a few colleagues and I made a simple browser game with and integrated a Monero wallet. This allows to trigger a "COIN-fetty 🎉" cannon whenever a transaction is received. A very simple and silly game, but never the less a fun little visualization. Check out the codebase here.

There is an entire blog article about the MoneroOF wall mini game, if you are interested in how it is done and want to try yourself.

Closing thoughts

The 10th anniversary of Monero in Offenbach was a great success. In particular the quality of community members was high, with lots of enthusiasm, curiosity and technical knowledge. Even some Bitcoiners from the Bitcoin meetup Frankfurt made their way over!

Most likely there will be no meetup before the MoneroKon in Prague. Hope to see you there!