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Monero Night v0.2

Recently, the Offenbach Monero Meetup took place on a special date, February 29th (leap year day). It was an opportunity for like-minded individuals to come together and discuss all things related to privacy-preserving cryptocurrency - specifically, Monero (XMR).

Held in the beautiful city of Offenbach, Germany, near Frankfurt, around twenty people showed up at the location provided by Sensory-Minds. The drinks were also kindly sponsored by them.

The group was a mix of returning attendees and newcomers, all eager to learn more about this innovative technology and how it can be used to shape the world for the better. Our host and speaker for the evening was Alex, who delivered an insightful presentation on "Diving down the Monero rabbit hole".

With a focus on beginners, Alex provided an overview of everything from getting started with Monero to buying and spending it. He also shared information about where attendees could find news and connect with the community as well as recommended educational materials such as YouTube channels and podcasts.

📽 Diving down the Monero rabbit hole

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The meeting was not just an opportunity for attendees to learn, but also to share their own knowledge and experiences. After the presentation, people had the chance to chat in smaller groups and network.

It was clear that a young and ambitious community is growing here. This group is passionate about offering privacy-preserving technologies and educating the public about how to use them for good. They believe that everyone has a right to privacy and are committed to creating a world where this right is respected and upheld.

The next Monero Meetup is scheduled to take place on April 18th, which coincidentally also happens to be the 10-year birthday of Monero. We hope that by then, it will be warm enough for us to spend some time outside.

To stay up-to-date with all things related to this community and our future events, we encourage you to join our SimpleX group or follow us on RSS. Together, we can continue building a world where privacy is respected, and people have the tools they need to shape it for the better.